Adam O’Leary
UX Design, Web Design

Hey! I’m Adam. I was born in Prague, CZ, however I’m also half Canadian. Design is a field I thought that I would never study, let alone work in. A few years ago I decided to just go for it and honestly, it just stuck with me. Frankly, it makes sense for me to study in a field such as UX/UI, as I’ve always loved digital products such as websites, apps, etc. and the process behind them. It’s been a lifelong thing, that wanted to do something unique and maybe even prolific, so by utilizing design, innovation and critical thinking as a gateway, I’m looking forward to shaping the future of digital design and the way that we perceive and use media.

“Follow your gut, because as long as you believe and trust yourself, you’ll make it no matter what happens.”

Instagram    @aoldsgn

sneakerSight is an interactive community driven sneaker timeline. Spanning from the most recent year, all the way to 1969, learn about the intricacies of the most important and obscure sneakers ever produced. Find specifications such as how a sneaker fits, how much it retailed for, quality control, materials and much much more.

The website acts as a hub for any and all information you would need in terms of sneakers. Apart from the timeline, you can enjoy a news page, as well as an FAQ page where you can learn about the history behind prolific brands, as well as learn about terminology within the sneaker world.

Why not try it out? I promise it’s fun :)
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