Art of hobby

Elena Arshakyan
Branding, editorial, art, photography

I was born in Yugorsk, a small town in Siberia where I attended a fine art school and that was the beginning of my artistic journey. I moved to Prague when I was 10 and continued studying and painting. When it came to choosing a university course I picked Graphic Design as it is very interesting to me when aesthetics follow a purpose. Most of my work has always been very analog and my BA studies have allowed me to transition into the digital while still having the opportunity to bring in analog if needed. Along with fine art, I’ve always had an interest in visual storytelling and in the recent years I’ve been exploring the analog photography medium after discovering my grandfather's old Zenit. My next professional steps include studying the MA in photography and design in Barcelona and working on branding and editorial projects.

“My mom said to me, ‘you know sweetheart, one day you should settle down and marry a rich man. and I said ‘mom, I am a rich man’’’ - Cher

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