Fedor Vorobey
UX-UI, Branding, Web design 

Hello everyone, my name is Fedor and I am a UX/UI designer currently based in Dubai. I am originally from Russia but have lived my whole life in Dubai, UAE.

Studying graphic design helped me find my passion of what I wanted to do in life, I've always been technology oriented, and fascinated by the design of everything to do with UX-UI, such as websites, applications, etc… and wanted to try it out for myself. After doing so, I found it really enjoyable, and a way to express my creativity.

I am looking forward to the future where I would like to continue creating meaningful experiences through design.

Make it simple, but significant 

Website    www.fvdesigns.me
Instagram   @fedorvdesigns
Email    fedorvdesign@gmail.com

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