'I have a shadow at home'

Felicia Sánchez Piera
Cartoonist, Illustrator & Editorial designer.

I am from a small town in Valencia, Spain. After 3 years learning and doing graphic design projects, I had the opportunity to study one more year and go to Prague, so I accepted, because I felt it would be great for me to expand my creativity and my artistic career.

I love to write and illustrate all kinds of my own and other people's stories. With them I leave a part of me in the world, or I feel that I do.

I will surely continue studying graphic design in the near future, more focused on illustration, and then keep going, in our case you never stop learning.  As for work, I want to find a place in a publishing house or a studio. Or creating my own comic stories. Who knows.

You are like the ocean, constantly changing, but still you.

Website     http://feliciasanpi.com/
Instagram    @feliciasanpi
Email      felicia@feliciasanpi.com

The project consists of creating a children’s book about overcoming fear of the dark with a fantastic story. This book will be design for children between 8-10 years old, who can read by themselves, and parents can read it for they at bedtime.