Gesui Mirzo
Branding, Editorial designer

Originally from Tajikistan, but have lived in Czech Republic my entire life. I have inhabited the multicultural background yet feeling disconnected from both. Communication is an important tool, and i am able to communicate through the language of design, which is inevitably how i got inspired into this field. I strive to develop new design approaches and create a connected environment. Ultimately i see myself becoming a brand designer surrounded by an enthusiastic team.

“ design with a smile ”

Website     http://guesswhodesigns.com/
Instagram    @guesswhodesigns
Email      gmirzo2001@gmail.com

A new and fresh perspective of yerba mate in the commercial world. Our brand reaches to a market of individuals who aspire to wake up each day with the motivation to reach their goals, halfpastmate is for everyone. A brand people can connect to and relate to, carrying an essence of the bright South American roots of yerba, which embraces people to colour their lives with energy and fun.
The lifestyle of living through the cyclical nature of the sun, ensuring a healthy way to feel grounded and connected to both sunrise and sunset. A drink to get you through the morning and one to get you through the night.