Gaming Animals Club

Jasmína Plšková
Advertisement & Digital Illustration

I am a designer from Prague, Czech Republic. Ever since I was a child, I have been interested in various artistic and visual ways of representing and expressing myself and my opinions. I’ve studied animation and film in high school, and I found out that that is definitely not the field for me, so I’ve decided to change my career onto being a designer, which turned out to be the right way for me. In my near future I mainly aspire to continue my design studies but in a more marketing and communication way as I feel like that is what I am missing right now. I wish to study that in a foreign country together with creating some freelance projects to build my professional history the best way I possibly can.

Perfection is not perfect enough.


Gaming Animals Club is an NFT collection, which contains various animals gaming. So far there ase 15 unique pieces, but with time there will be more various animals,various gaming platforms (like PlayStation) and maybe even some new custom parts. This collection is unusual thanks to its diversity of the characters, and colorfulness, and the collection pieces having a promo banners for instagram.

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