Čiroko Daleko

Kamilla Hrubešová
Branding, book and editorial designer

I’m a Czech-Canadian designer creating in Prague. Experiencing international environments and living a multilingual life have taught me the value of clear communication. Studying graphic design for three years at Scholastika – a multidisciplinary school with a hands-on approach to learning – gave me space to explore conceptual approaches to the design process. Physicality and tactility have become central to my work, as I focus on book and editorial design, and the creation of visual identities.

The relation between what we see and what we know is never settled.        - John Berger

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Čiroko Daleko is a fictional gluten-free bakery based in Prague, Czech Republic. Handcrafted in its Prague bakery using responsibly sourced ingredients, Čiroko Daleko emphasizes quality and flavour. The inspiration behind Čiroko came from the desire to create specific gluten-free pastries for those diagnosed with celiac disease as well as those that desire an alternative to standard baked goods. My task was to create a full visual identity that emphasized the quality of the products and communicated freshness, empathy and playfulness.