Augmented Metanoia Tarot

Kristína Bučková
Visual communication designer and illustrator

I am from Piešťany, a small SPA town in Slovakia. I have a background in fine arts and I became more interested in graphic design during my studies abroad in the U.S. In my practice I focus on the small details of each project, taking abstract concepts and bringing them to life. My next step after graduating is working as an illustrator while getting an MA in fine arts to further experiment with mediums that would enrich my illustration work.

We all once started with a box of crayons…

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Tarot is much more than just "witchcraft" or "trickery." Many don't realise that tarot works as a self-reflection upon one's day, plans and deeper thoughts. It is a kind of meditation that became unnecessarily overcomplicated over the years. Augmented Metanoia makes tarot more approachable for anyone who wants to try it. Simply take your phone, scan the card and get a reading. No more lenthgy flipping through books. The augmented reality recognizes every illustrated card from the deck and gives you its meaning in seconds.Cards were hand drawn, inked and then digitalized, hiding many details and secrets in each of them.

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