Maria Nanova
Branding & Editorial, UX/UI

I come from Bulgaria but I moved to Prague three years ago in order to challenge myself and come out of my comfort zone. This led me to Prague City University where I explored my areas of specialization in Graphic Design, which has been my artistic dream ever since high school. I am a creator of experiences and experimentator. My designs are personal, tailor made and purposeful, and I always manage to leave a little bit of my personality in everything I do. The next step in my to-do list is graduating MA Graphic Design in Sweden.

Evolve and adapt, but never change.


Petective is an app, tailor made for all types of pet owners and pet lovers. Register your pet in the database and in case it goes missing, report it to all users in your area with just one tap. From then on you will start receiving updates and messages/calls from devoted pet lovers, assembling teams to look for your pet. If you don't own a pet, but would like to take part in the community, simply team up with likeminded people to search for missing pets. There is also a possibility to inform shelters in your area and create profiles for pets you've found and as a reward receive in-app hero points, which you can use to purchase branded pet related content, such as dog leashes, toys, lasers, etc.