Kinetic Gallery Prague

Nenad Miletin
Animations, Editorial Design & illustrations

Ever since I was a kid in Serbia, I knew that I wanted to do something in a creative field of work. I find great enjoyment in applying myself to my projects, creating something that is distinctly and recognizably “me”.

My favorite things to do are animations and illustrations, which is what I’m looking to make a career out of.

Uncertain but always optimistic

Instagram    @nesha_0230

There is great irony to be found in the fact that some of the most underused spaces on Earth are also ones seen by Millions of people everyday, namely the walls of metro tunnels. They are usually just dark and dirty, with not much else to see. The potential these spaces hold is what led to the creation of Kinetic Gallery Prague, a public art exhibition that turns commuting with Prague’s metro into a unique experience. The tunnels are decorated with many slit-shaped screens. When the metro goes past them, the screens blur together and make it seem as if a movie is being projected onto the walls