Slow Fashion?

Petr Šimon
Animation, motion graphics, 3D graphic design

Hi! I am Petr I live in Králův Dvůr which is a small city several kilometers away from Prague.

From a young age, I always loved clothes and I don't really know why. My love for clothes transferred to a dream to make clothing one day.

I have also been interested in computers and art since elementary school. Internet and the passion I had for clothes got me to graphic design softwares which I had as a hobby for a long time. After graduating from high school, I knew I wanted to continue to focus on studying graphic design to explore other branches and improve my design and software skills. During my studies here at PCU, I enjoyed working with videos, animation, and 3D graphic design which I want to continue studying after my BA degree. After school, I wanted to work at a game development company or animation studio and also work on my dream.

Don't think so much, JUST DO IT!

Instagram    @petrsimoon

Short animimation about fashion industry production of clothing in order to make the most profit possible, regardless of the consequences and showcase of different ways how we can approach fashion and be friendly to our environment.