Sandro Nordmann
Type Design, Typography, Branding and Animation

After graduating my third year of graphic design in my hometown Munich, I decided to study abroad in Prague for a year to further explore my areas of specialization. It didn’t take long and I was already known as that typography guy, which continues to be my area of specialization next to type design, branding and animation. The root of my projects is always a system which allows me to work efficiently while also giving them a coherent structure in the process. After graduating I would like to dip my toes into working in a type foundry or design agencies focusing on branding.

Website    https://www.sandron.xyz/
Instagram    @sandron.design
Email   sandron.design@gmail.com

Akuta is a variable font family designed with the aim of combining very distinct lettershapes with good readability while being recognisable, yet not distracting. Its variable nature provides you with a width and weight axis that allow you to switch between styles seamlessly, while also providing a slab serif variant to combine into diverse and interesting layouts in print or screen applications.

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