Sofiya Kachmar
Editorial, UI/UX, film

Originally from Lviv, Ukraine. I was always into art but never thought I would end up in the industry. The choice of graphic design for my studies was completely random, but looking at it now - not complaining!

Biggest inspiration for my work - film & music. Music is the biggest part of every project of mine, I cannot work without having something playing in the background. As for my future plans - I want to work more on film projects and explore the music industry more.

“I think I’m cool. That’s all that matters” - Tyler, The Creator

Website     https://nezalezhno.com/
Instagram    @nezalezhno.design
Email    nezalezhno.design@gmail.com

Absence is a series of interviews focusing on various topics like the feeling of guilt, the concept of home and the war in Ukraine. Absence is real stories of real people, who are tired to be silent but scared to scream for help. Absence talks about the war without showing the war.