Let's talk about Death!

Editorial design, Illustrator, Collagist

My path as a creator started in Moscow, Russia: as a kid I used to spend all the time with my grandfather who’s a painter, while the whole world was moving by leaps and bounds towards complete digitalization. My passion for analogue materials overlapped with an interest in digitalization, which prompted me to combine two polar approaches and strive for contrast, abstraction and freedom of expression in my designs. My main soft skill which constantly pushes me to expand the boundaries of my current knowledge - curiosity. I’m looking forward to work in a design studio or publishing house where I’ll be able to communicate and learn more from other professionals.

Fake it till you make it

Website     zimadesign.xyz
Instagram    @s.lava.zima
Email    s.slava.karpova@gmail.com

Death is an inevitable process that will overtake us all: through the death of our pets, relatives, friends and partners, and ultimately ourselves. How we live through the loss depends on how openly we are willing to talk about dying. “Let’s talk about Death!” aims to help you and your loved ones become closer by learning the answers to the most intimate questions that we rarely ask in everyday life.