Yein Chun
UI/UX Design, web design

Dearest people from all over the world. I am Yein from South Korea. I became a designer accidentally. I felt lost and can’t find a right way to go. I fortunately survived with my skill of using computer and software. I am strong at communication. I can make you laugh. I believe this is the goal of my entire life. The main key of my design is understanding of you. I would smoothly analyze/research you when you laugh. No matters who you are.

I happily become a designer. Finally I feel free and love my job, career and future. I am still passionate about new technologies and always try to become an early-adopter. I will be full-stack UI/UX designer and you will be one of my users as soon.

No matters humans or for other creatures

Instagram    @1000_design
Email    desigyein.1000@gmail.com

Washine is laundry subscription service. People can order their laundry service and get deliveried at house. Washine is also lifestyle brand to exist people and their life. Washine try to make and support people’s life to make the better world. By coexisting with young and energetic people, support their more comfortable, laid back and ecological life.

Furthermore Using eco-friendly detergents and hiring disadvantaged people makes people think that it is creative way to make a better world, not make feel guilty about paying for basic chores.

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